5 Day Urban Style Detox Retreat by sora.mame

Every here and there, we introduce workshops, individuals, or events on this website that relates to Macrobiotic/Health Living/Alternative Medicine etc.

Today, we are introducing to you a “5 Day Half Fasting Urban Style Detox Retreat” organised by Soramame. For those that have joined our 7 Day Detox Half Fasting by Chuya and Chikai Hashimoto may recognise this name.
urban style half fasting

The coordinator and instructor at Soramame is Keiko Ikeda. She was one of the main facilitator of our Half Fasting Retreat in March, 2017. Keiko is not only a founder of Soramame but a main drive of this body that offers macrobiotic based food and life coordination.

I have met Keiko a number of times through a different occasions. My impression is that she comes across as a macrobiotic teacher in Sydney region for a long time but also she is a business person that interested hugely in other people’s health and well-being.

This retreat is lead by Keiko and her co-partner Eriko Watanabe, yoga instructor.
For more information and any questions, please visit Soramame.
Note, we are not part of this urban style detox retreat thus are unable to answer any questions you may have.

All the best for Keiko and Eriko!

Yours in Health,









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