Hi, my name is Kayu Hashimoto. Welcome to my blog!

This web page will primarily serve as the portal to access information about the Detox Half Fasting Retreat that is not scheduled for 2016 at the moment (to receive notifications and retreat updates, please join our email notification list). Secondly, I wish to start a blog about diet and lifestyle to help readers come to new understandings about the choices they are making in their lives. I am passionate about social change, so in this blog I would like to cover various health topics to bring change to your life too.

I was very lucky to have grown up in a unique environment with wonderful food. Although my parents (Chuya and Chiaki) raised me on a strict Macrobiotic diet, it is not my agenda to promote this diet specifically. After I left my parents’ care I had to make my own interpretation, and this led me to find my own balance. A lot of negative publicity can be found about the Macrobiotic diet, mostly due to an over zealous interpretation which can lead to nutritional deficiency. I would say that approach is missing common sense and balance. We all have our “food history” and changes to our body need to be well considered to give the right result.

Our bodies are designed to function naturally without the help of medication and supplements. Our species, homo sapiens, have supposedly survived in nature for around 200,000 years. It is from ancient knowledge in East Asia that the Macrobiotic diet evolved from, I would like to think of it as the study of natural principles to help us make the right food choices.

Keeping a connection to nature is increasingly harder, and our lives get further out of balance. I wish to add to the growing chorus of voices crying out for change in the current Australian health landscape, with the aim of encouraging more people to step into healthy lifestyles. More than following  a “Macrobiotic” or “Paleo” diet, being “vegetarian” or “vegan”, or trying out “raw food” or “slow food”, eating is about knowing what foods create health and what is compatible with you and your chosen lifestyle.

I’d love to hear your feedback on any issues raised in this blog, and get to know you on the first name basis – so come on over and introduce yourself on Facebook – hearing from readers is the best part of writing this blog!

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Yours in health, Kayu.