Teachers and Facilitators

Chuya Hashimoto

Chuya Hashimoto is one of the leading teachers of Macrobiotics in Japan, with over 37 years experience. Chuya has travelled widely teaching and conducting seminars within Japan and abroad, reaching over 8,000 participants. Counsellor, lecturer, writer, and teacher at Kushi Institute Japan, Chuya’s guidance will lead you to a greater degree of health and well being.

Chiaki Hashimoto
Chiaki Hashimoto is an accomplished cooking teacher, lecturer, author and counsellor. She gave birth to 5 children at home, and bought them up with alternative education. She places great importance on lifestyle, and putting her energy in teaching young mothers on how to bring up kids.

Dean Cooling

Dean Cooling discovered the lifestyle teachings of Macrobiotics in 1983, and has been active since then helping others through diet and meditation. His passion is to share with others the benefits of eating and living in accordance with nature. This year is the 13th Detox Half Fasting Retreat Dean has conducted with Chuya

Kayu Hashimoto

Kayu Hashimoto was born as the eldest daughter of Chuya and Chikai Hashimoto, and was raised on pure macrobiotic diet until the age of 15. After arriving in Australia to study at a local alternative school, she continued her Macrobiotic based food and lifestyle.  With her parent’s teachings, Kayu has assisted a number of macrobiotic retreats and holistic workshops in the kitchen  preparing macrobiotic food from a  young age. In the recent years, she has been helping her parents whilst in Australia and has been extensively interested in sharing her own experiences and learning of natural lifestyle. Also she is the author of this blog!