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Why should I change the way I eat?

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I grew up without eating meat, so in many instances I’m not sure how to express my feelings about how my diet affects my outlook on life. I have often had the feeling that perhaps my outlook is the minority,…

The principles of this detox retreat

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Detox and Half-Fasting is about cleansing the body and bringing balance back in to your body and mind. According to Chuya, when you go through the process of detoxification one’s body will discharge toxins. That discharge is a form of…

Questions commonly asked about the Retreat.


How can I start eating healthy? Do you recommend any books or places to get healthy ingredients from? The facilitators will all be available during scheduled Question and Answer time to address this and other individual issues during the retreat.…

Retreat Meals


A cleansing, nutritious and delicious macrobiotic meal has been specially designed for our retreat guests by our macrobiotic expert Charlotte Wirnsberger under the specific guidance of Chuya and Chiaki. All meals are prepared in the way that makes it easier to…

Schedule & Activities


The retreat leaders will aim to meet your individual needs while detoxifying your body, and we encourage you to fill your days with as many activities as you can in order to boost your experience of the Detox Half Fasting Retreat.…

Detox Half Fasting Retreat


Date: November 23 – 29, 2013 One week retreat with senior teachers of the macrobiotics from Japan Under the guidance of Macrobiotic teacher, Chuya Hashimoto, this half-fasting retreat offers you the chance to rediscover your spark and re-energise yourself in body,…



Hi, my name is Kayu Hashimoto. Welcome to my blog! This web page will primarily serve as the portal to access information about the Detox Half Fasting Retreat that will be run this November 23rd to 29th. Secondly, I wish to…

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