The principles of this detox retreat

Asian Woman bite appleDetox and Half-Fasting is about cleansing the body and bringing balance back in to your body and mind. According to Chuya, when you go through the process of detoxification one’s body will discharge toxins. That discharge is a form of reaction to release toxins and unnecessary things in body. Toxins may come from impurities in our food including chemicals such as preservatives, pesticides and colourings. As many of us in highly developed countries tend to overeat and drink, these toxins tend to accumulate in our body. Toxins also enter our body through the air and water we are in contact with every day. Increased levels of toxins in our body allows the potential for bad conditions to develop.

The Detox Half-Fasting Retreat has been run by Chuya for 30 years, and the daily schedule is based on the 3 principles for radiant health and mental well-being:

Eat and drink a limited amount

Eating normally maintains our body in a kind of growth mode, whereas complete fasting will stimulate our bodies to shut down unnecessary functions to survive as long as possible. By Half-Fasting we can change the body’s metabolism whilst allowing the body to maintain its basic functions. By consciously forcing our body to make these changes we can awaken the innate recuperative power of our body. Limiting the amount of food and drink can be uncomfortable, so it is very important to follow the guidance of experienced teachers.

Chew well

Saliva contains at least two enzymes important for digestion of starches and fats (amylase and lipase). The mouth is therefore a very important first site for the digestion of food before it reaches the stomach. The action of chewing stimulates more saliva production to mix with the food, and also sends messages to prepare our stomach for digestion. In the Half-Fasting retreat we take small mouthfuls of food and chew each mouthful very well, which greatly increases the time we take to finish our dinner! Allowing this time for eating is an important part of reducing the stress on our organs, and allows your body to better absorb the nutrition in the smaller amount of food.

Exercise well

By maintaining a good level of physical activity during the retreat, we accelerate the speed of detoxification. Physical activity will increase the circulation and promote the return of extracellular fluid (carrying chemicals / toxins) back into the bloodstream. In the blood, chemicals can be discharged by organs such as the skin and lungs (for gases), kidneys (for liquids) and liver (for solids).

As mentioned above, the process of discharging toxins can be uncomfortable. In Eastern India for instance, fever, running nose or coughing is a natural sign of the healing process of the body as it attempts to maintain balance. In this retreat things that we normally consider symptoms, like headache, fatigue, dizziness, insomnia or bad moods, are in fact signs that the body’s balance is changing. We will guide you through these phases, and can assure you that perseverance through these ‘symptoms’ will be replaced with improved energy, clarity, sleep and sense of well-being.

Most detoxification programmes take weeks and the use of special supplements to cleanse your body. This programme uses the above mentioned principles with the preparation of good food, all done in natural settings. Unlike many other health retreats this method will allow your body to release toxins in a relatively short period of time. Apart from achieving this we hope that we can provide practical information to allow you to apply good eating principles to your life after the retreat is over.