Locally sourced products by Sally Walsh

I have been searching for locally produced products since I heard about the disaster in Japan and was aware that some products may be tainted with radiation. Here are some great products I have found in Sydney which are really good for Macrobiotic cooking.


Blue Mountains Miso –  http://bluemountainsmiso.com.au/
One product that I discovered was that there was a high quality miso made locally the Blue Mountains near Sydney for around 30 years. Blue Mountains Miso is a natural unpateurised and certified organic product.  I found it less salty than the miso from Japan, which better suits the Australian climate. They supply some really interesting varieties that taste delicious.


Keep an eye out for these excellent seaweed products. They are currently sold at Everleigh markets in Sydney and they are sourced from Australia and France for example.  If you’re looking for good and interesting seaweed products try these.


Randall Organic Rice – www.randallorganic.com
Here is a rice grown in NSW which is chemical free and organic and they also have the brown rice variety.  The product is really lovely and cooks beautifully!

Every two weeks they sell at Everleigh Markets. Enjoy eating locally sourced products and reap the benefits! Sally.

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