Questions commonly asked about the Detox Half Fasting Retreat.

How can I start eating healthy? Do you recommend any books or places to get healthy ingredients from?
The facilitators will all be available during scheduled Question and Answer time to address this and other individual issues during the retreat.

Will I be taking supplements or specific drinks during the retreat?
Not at all! We’ll be providing you with healthy whole food diet based on Macrobiotic nutritional theory and your individual needs. The diet during the retreat is specifically designed to accelerate your detoxification from deep within your body.

Is there free time during the retreat?
Yes. There is an hour or two allocated each day in the afternoon for you to relax, sleep or enjoy your surroundings. It might be wise to bring a book, diary or something to occupy your time for this period. Of course, socialising with others is always a great option!

Not too sure if I can keep up with the daily exercise, my stamina may not be sufficient.
The programme is designed with 8km to 10km of bush walking every day, however you are totally free to skip a session or two. There are many people who’d never expected that they could walk and exercise so much, but have enjoyed the programme nonetheless. It is recommended to try your best to stick to the programme as it will help your detoxification process but if you are having trouble, please talk to any of the facilitators during the retreat.

Can I participate a shorter number of days than scheduled?
Though we do attend to each individual’s needs, the retreat is designed to go through a deep level of cleansing and detoxification in a short period of time. Unless there is a specific reason we do not take people for a shorter period of time. Please contact us if this is an issue for you.

Will I lose weight? How much can I lose?
Most people will lose about 1.5kg while some have lost up to 10kg in a week, which is of course dependent on your body type. Rather than forcing your body to lose weight (as some diet might), this programme will instead help to return you to your natural weight.

I’m fairly thin. Is it safe for me to attend?
As long as your light weight is not the result of a particular illness, then it is fine for you to participate. If you’re a person who finds it hard to gain weight, this retreat can help. Detoxifying your body through half fasting can reset your body’s function so that the organ’s ability to efficiently absorb nutrition is returned.

How much food will I be eating every day? I haven’t done any fasting before so I am a bit nervous dealing with my hunger.
Many people have found that they didn’t find it difficult or felt that they are starving. The programme is designed to keep your body and mind in motion! The facilitators will be available to you to report any symptoms, and will help you if you have any difficulty.


Questions commonly asked about Participation in the Detox Half Fasting Retreat.

Prior to the retreat, should I be aware of or do something to prepare?
If your diet contains things like meat, refined sugar, spices, caffeine or alcohol, we recommend reducing or eliminating these for a week or two prior to the retreat. In the final two days before the retreat, also reduce the total volume of food you consume. These steps will ensure a more thorough cleansing of your body.

I have a young child, can I participate with my child?
We kindly ask you not to bring your child to the retreat as you’d find it difficult to deal with them while you are going through the process of your own cleansing.

Can a child or elderly participate in this retreat?
The youngest person to participate in the programme was a 14 year old boy, and the eldest was 80 years old. Though we do not have age restrictions it is important that each individual makes their own clear and informed decision to participate.

What kind people are coming to this retreat?
Past participants have come because they have been facing an illness, were seeking better health, wanted to lose wait, or wished to find clarity about challenges with work or family. Each person comes with their motivation, and faces their own challenges throughout the programme.

I have never eaten Macrobiotic food or diet, can I still join?
Yes. You can learn about Macrobiotic principles at the daily lectures, and gain experience by learning practical tips through hands on classes throughout the retreat.

Need more info?
Please contact us by email, or phone. We’ll figure out how we can help you or answer your questions.

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